I have for many years represented well heeled clients, both commercial and individual, and have engaged in some rather serious litigation.  A percentage of this was in unlawful detainer actions (evictions) representing landlords here in Orange County.  For financial reasons, I limited my clientele to experienced professional landlords and avoided the small property owners […]

It seems to me that questions concerning habitability and the effect lack of habitability are asked often both by landlords and tenants. Specifically, landlords ask what are they required to do with respect to habitability, and tenants ask what they can do if the landlord fails to meet these requirements. With respect to the landlord, […]

Self-represented parties can make serious mistakes in Court. I remember representing a developer defending himself in a lawsuit against a sweet elderly Asian woman who thought my client had done a poor job building her new condominium and that he should pay her $15,000 as a result. The plaintiff filed her claim as a limited […]